Saturday, December 24, 2011

"Love on a Summer's Night"

"Love on a Summer’s Night"

verse by
Wally Lee Parker

illustration by
Robert H. Brandt

(first published in 1984 all rights retained by author)

            This is a little something from one of my romantic phases – which, just like the face of the moon, tend to wax and wane over time.

The moon so bright on a summer’s night
glows as a shadowed pearl
so bright she swims that around her rim
a pale blue halo curls
and the Milky Way as a creamy haze
falls soft, then dimly billows
to the edge of sky where it gentle lies
draped on the limbs of willows.

It’s a night so warm that a thunder storm
will surely drench the dawning
for the halo’s braid and the stars’ cascade
foretell a tempest spawning
and the rising heat, all dewy sweet
from a day of sunlight downed
draws fragrant swells of earthy smells
from the summer’s fertile ground.

When the clover’s scent, summer’s wonderment
blends deep into the night
and the sultry dark ‘tween the willows’ bark
sets the mood just right
in the moon lit jade of this woodland glade
far from the city’s lights
we two conspire with our hearts’ desire
for love on a summer’s night.

The starry night and the moon so bright
dripping down through leafy willows
finds our hiding place and your smiling face
my heart your evening pillow
for the pounding blood and the rushing flood
now your warm and sated sleeping
was the pure delight of this summer night
and a secret meant for keeping.

‘neath boughs bend low ‘round this dark meadow
on a patchwork quilt we lie
two lovers lost under dapples tossed
from the moon high in the sky
and the magic seen as you sleep serene
in a bath of bright moonlight
sets the night aglow with a dream I know
your love on a summer’s night.

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