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The Leno Prestini Files #3: Letters Looking For A Translator

The Leno Prestini Files #3:
Letters Looking For A Translator
Wally Lee Parker

            The objective of The Leno Prestini Files #1, 2, and 3 is to obtain English translations of a set of what we believe to be historically significant letters exchange between Leno Prestini’s parents, Luigi (Louis) and Caterina, at the onset of 1919.  (Though there’s a chance the letters returned to Caterina may have been written by someone else – possibly Luigi’s brother Ferdinando (Fred)).  These missives were handwritten in what appears to be Italian.  Any assistance anyone is able to provide would be gratefully appreciated by both this blog and by the designated caretaker of these documents, the Clayton/Deer Park Historical Society.

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Item # 5
Letter of March 6, 1919

This envelope contained a single page covered on both sides.

Item a

Item b - reverse of a

Item # 6
Letter of March 9, 1919

And this final envelope contained two pieces of paper, one covered with words, the other a ripped page with only one side penciled is loose script.  This carries a date just 10 days prior to Luigi Prestini's death.  There is no indication of a postmark over the stamp - suggesting the letter was never mailed.

Item a

Item b - reverse of a

Item c

This concludes the three article “Letters Looking for a Translator” series.

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